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Recognize Your Worth: Individual Therapy in Corona

Are you tired of feeling uncertain, isolated, or out of control? What if I told you that you have the power within yourself to find the courage and motivation to improve your life? If you’re seeking clarity, individual therapy helps you find it. From my Corona office, we create a space where you feel empowered and motivated to move toward healing.

Through self-compassion and acceptance, you can reduce difficult thoughts and emotions that cause you problems in your life. Therapy can provide the help you need to acknowledge the reality of your own true intrinsic worth. If trusting others comes hard for you, I agree. This is why it is vital and necessary for us to form a trusting relationship in therapy.


In the past, you may have developed negative beliefs about yourself or learned patterns of behavior as protection against emotional or physical pain. These beliefs and patterns now cause you any number of distressing emotions that make your daily life a challenge. By offering you a supportive and accepting environment, I will show you that there are people in your life who you can trust and who will accept you as you are, even in your anger, pain, and sadness.

Therapy is a process, one that follows your time frame. We move at your speed. With your trust, courage, and motivation - in a caring, but challenging, setting - I can help you to acknowledge, understand, and rewrite the negative stories and messages that you have come to believe about yourself.

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Just one question: are you willing to start your journey?
Begin with your first act of courage in any of the following therapies:

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy with L. Alan Wager, LMFT

I peddle the truth, because your trust is essential. Whether you are interested in individual therapy, relationship counseling, or help with the transitions of adolescence or the lingering hold of past trauma, together we walk through your challenges and develop lasting tools to support your continual growth.

There are very few events certain in life. We are each born into the world, get sick, grow old, and pass away. But call me a True Believer because I firmly accept as true that you also possess an intrinsic value.

The belief that you are wrong, defective, or unlovable is inaccurate and simply false. My job is to present to you the Truth and help you challenge your own negative beliefs with the evidence of reality. With increased clarity, your right to existence is made evident as you become the person of unlimited capability that you were born to be.

You alone are the writer of your life story. I can help you to get started. Call or email me today to take your first step.

L. Alan Wager, LMFT
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